Mothers On a Mission -
Current & Past Projects

Alanyi Health Centre
Lira, Uganda

Mothers On a Mission has been working closely with the Alanyi Health Centre in Lira, Uganda for many years now.  Our 2010 and 2012 Fundraiser Dinners raised funds to help build, furnish and equip a Maternity Ward that opened in 2012.  In 2014 our Fundraiser Dinner raised $50,000 to fund the construction of a Children’s Ward.  This year all proceeds will benefit the creation of a new Women's Ward.

Prior to these additions to the Centre, women in labor and sick children would often be treated next to adults having surgery.  The birthing room in the older Alanyi facility was adjacent to a general operating room.  Women in labor were separated from general surgeries by a single hanging sheet, allowing no privacy and creating an often traumatic atmosphere for the delivering mother.  Conditions were less than sanitary and there was no place for the mother to recover. Children who were sick or who needed surgery were treated next to extremely sick adults.  It was a chaotic and scary experience for them.

Today the Maternity Ward is a thriving, busy, desperately needed resource in the Lira community.  It includes a delivery/operating room, recovery room, reception area for the mother’s family, and areas for consultation and family planning.  It is the biggest building in the health center complex and provides a level of care to mothers and newborns rarely found in this part of the world.

The Children’s Ward includes separate rooms for surgeries, infectious disease, general illnesses, and intensive care.  There is also a recovery room and small pharmacy. 


 Alanyi Health Centre Maternity Ward - completed in 2012.


Our Lady of Peace Children’s Ark Orphanage
Wobulenzi, Uganda

Children’s Ark was opened in 2005 to protect and educate orphaned children in Uganda.  They provide shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, school fees and school supplies for almost 100 children of all ages.  Children’s Ark makes a true difference in the lives of these orphans by not only providing basic living needs, but also making sure as many children as possible get an education.

Through the years MOM has supported Children’s Ark in various ways.  Thanks to our generous supporters numerous Children’s Ark children were “adopted” by Westfield families to help provide them basic necessities including an education.  MOM also hosted several clothing drives to collect t-shirts, sundresses, and hats in support of the orphanage.

 Thank Yous from Children's Ark Orphanage


Construction of Freshwater Wells
Gebezia, Ethiopia

Inspired by the initiatives of Charity:Water, MOM decided to fund the construction of a freshwater well in a developing country.  MOM members spoke to local children during their summer camps, raising awareness about the importance of having access to clean drinking water.  The kids responded and helped MOM raise the $5,000 needed to sponsor and build a well.  Money was also collected via personal donations, race sponsorships, and lemonade stands.

Our well was constructed in Gebezia Village, Ethiopia and was completed in 2012.  100% of the funds collected went directly to the building and maintenance of this specific well, which included establishing a water council made up of local villagers, half of whom had to be women.  In the spring of 2012 MOM raised another $5,000, thanks in large part to MOM initiatives in local pre-schools and community organizations, and a second well was built in MOM’s name.

 Ethiopian children enjoy fresh water from the well MOM sponsored

 MOM's freshwater well in Gebezia Village, Ethiopia

In addition to the above projects, MOM has held various other fundraisers and awareness events to further our mission. These include:

  • Hosting author events
  • Delivering flowers to mothers of US servicemen
  • Providing financial support to Syrian refugees re-located to Canada
  • Helping 2 nearby high schools recover from Hurricane Sandy

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